Be careful What You Wish For…

trumpwonI woke up this morning wishing it was opposite day. It wasn’t.

I am still in shock that our country elected Donald Trump for president. What was more shocking to me, was how many Evangelical Christians voted for him. They voted for that man at an 81 percent to 16 percent margin over Hillary Clinton. As an ex-evangelical, I was stymied. He has been married three times, speaks in degrading ways about the “lesser of these,” and lies more than he tells the truth. He cheated on his first wife and has had multiple affairs and thinks of women as objects that only have value if they are beautiful. Not only that, he has cheated people, committed fraud, and brags about it. None of these things are inline with what I had always been taught to be Christian values—none of them, so WTF?

I did some reading to try and figure it out. You know what it comes down to? That’s right, abortion. It’s okay that he’s a liar, a cheater, and a racist hater, obviously unstable and possibly dangerous, but he cares for the unborn… FYI, no he doesn’t. The only thing this man cares about is himself and his cronies. He knew exactly how to pander to the most right-wing contingent and it worked. You’ve been duped people. Sadly, you all will discover this soon enough.

Do Evangelicals really believe that the Jesus of their Bible would care more about an embryo or fetus, than truth, morality and love? They must, because Trump embodies none of those things, and they elected him. So, rejoice dear Christian that a woman in a desperate situation may not be able to get affordable contraception, let alone obtain a safe and legal abortion, when she ends up pregnant. Rejoice that immigrant families may be separated, and refugees will suffer and possibly die because of your presidential choice. Not terrorists, but families—women and children. Rejoice that hate, fear, and bigotry have ruled the day.

This presidential outcome and the statistics on how many Evangelicals elected this man tells me something I have considered since I left Christianity, but kept holding out hope wasn’t true:  Way too many modern day Evangelicals  are some of the most single-minded, ignorant haters on the planet. It makes sense though. If one can continue to believe, in the face of all contrary evidence, that the God of the Bible exists and his holy book is entirely inerrant and worthy of praise, with all the genocide, violence, and misogyny it embraces, you can believe pretty much anything.

Well done, Evangelicals; well done.

You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Well, you’ve gotten it. Let me know what it feels like to shoot yourself in the foot.


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  1. ... Zoe ~
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 10:27:40

    I have an American Catholic Democrat friend. She was/is surrounded by American Catholic Republicans as colleagues and friends and she told me a few weeks ago that it all has to do with abortion. Mind-boggling. She was/is so exhausted by it all. To her way of perception, it didn’t matter what this man said, it didn’t matter. All that mattered is that he was pro-life.

    So, I don’t blame only the Evangelicals. But I get what you are saying. It’s amazing how they compartmentalized and turned their backs on their so-called morals and chose him. The thing is though notabarbie, are we really surprised? When we consider overall the moral lives of Christians, are they really any different than Donald? The difference is, they can keep sinning until the cows come home as long as they keep lifting up those invisible repentant prayers. They may be sorry down the line when it really sinks in that Donald doesn’t ask for forgiveness when he sins.


  2. notabarbie
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 11:07:34

    I figured it was true in other religious circles as well. Makes sense and you are right, I’m not really surprised. When it comes to morals and ethics, Evangelicals are the most hypocritical. Mr. Trump does claim to be a born again Evangelical, so I guess he fits right in…sigh. You are so lucky to be a Canadian…so lucky. Hey, and I’m closer to you now! I live on the East Coast!


  3. ... Zoe ~
    Nov 09, 2016 @ 17:43:35

    Wow, big change for you then. That’s quite the move. 🙂


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