Case in Point’s interesting that just after I wrote about the shallowness of the phrase “I love you”  in the Christian church, I encountered that very thing on my facebook page.  After posting a status that was a little critical of a certain Bible Study teacher and author earlier today, a couple of Christian friends from the past commented.  Now, they aren’t my facebook friends, but for some reason when I post from my phone, it goes public and so they must be “following” me, because they saw it.  I felt bad that they had seen it.  I really did, but it was not intentional.  I don’t try to piss Christians off as much as I used to and that is why I deleted most of my Christian friends from facebook–to spare myself and them unwanted stress.   That’s not really the story though.  The story is that this morning they both professed love for me.  They both said in their comments today that they loved me.

At first I thought, “Aw, they love me,” and then I remembered.  I remembered the emptiness of those words, when they come from Christians like that. You see, I know both of these particular women were fully aware that I had stopped attending church.  Heck, I sang on the worship team with one of them on a regular basis. I also know that they were aware when my marriage was falling apart.   During that time though, I heard nothing from either of them.  They never wrote a quick note, picked up the phone, or made any attempt at all to see if I was okay or needed anything, but now…they “love” me.  Emptier words…emptier words…


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  1. ... Zoe ~
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 19:33:43

    An excellent example.


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