Let the Challenge begin!

30-daysFor the past several months, I have been doing 30-Day Challenges, one every month, e.g., no alcohol, eating a clean food diet, no credit cards, no sugar, and no eating after 7:00.  The last one was a fail, by the way, and due to the rules I have set down for these challenges, I have to do it for an additional 30 days, and during the holidays; great!

I started this whole 30-day-challenge thing after talking with a friend who observes Lent.  He doesn’t do it for religious reasons, he does it to practice self-discipline; I liked that idea.  I also watched a lecture on TED about doing something different/challenging every 30 days, which intrigued me as well, and so it began.

Why am I telling you this?  I’m telling you because I have decided to make this month’s 30-day-challenge to post on my blog every day, for 30 days…yep, and now that I have written it, I have to do it; there is no going back (another one of my self-imposed rules).

I think this will be a good exercise because one of the hindrances I have to posting consistently is my desire to post perfection, which is ridiculous, since, as you all can see, none of my posts are perfect—not even close, but it’s the striving for it, that keeps me from finishing and posting.

I used to always say, to anyone who would comment on something being perfect, “Only God is perfect.”  I did, I truly did.  Well, we all know how that turned out, so I guess nothing is perfect…well, math is perfect…always perfect, and I suck at math, so there you go.  All that to say, I am going to have to let go of my perfectionism for 30 days, and that has to be good, right?

Time to get writing…I’m scared already!



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ... Zoe ~
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 05:14:49

    Oh wow. I can’t wait for this challenge. And girl if I waited for perfection in writing I would never have written one single word online. There was a time, oh say maybe let me see, back in the dinosaur ages when I had to be perfect. Now my age is holding me back. Spelling, grammar, out the window. I look at words sometimes and say to my husband, That word looks like a foreign language to me. I don’t know, maybe some sort of Boomer Dyslexia or something? 😯

    Good luck with the challenge. 🙂


    • notabarbie
      Dec 06, 2012 @ 07:59:27

      Ha ha ha Zoe! Me too. I make spelling errors I never would have made in my twenties and thirties! This one is really going to be a challenge. I am looking forward to it though! I’m glad fear of imperfection has not held you back, because we all would have missed out on a lot of wonderful stuff! 🙂


  2. stilllearning2b
    Dec 06, 2012 @ 06:19:18

    I’m curious – have any of your challenges encouraged you to make any lasting changes?


    • notabarbie
      Dec 06, 2012 @ 08:08:41

      Thanks for asking, and yes there have been a couple. My first challenge was to sit in silence for 15 minutes every day…just sit. I couldn’t do anything or listen to anything, except the silence. It surprised me just how difficult it was to do that, but I began to really look forward to it every day. It has taught me how to listen better. The other one was not using credit cards. Not using them was an eye opener for me and I have saved a bit of money doing it.

      I saw benefits to just about every challenge…no, I saw benefits to all of them and some I may incorporate as time goes by. Thanks for reading!


  3. juliesamazed
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 13:52:56

    I admire your persistence, notabarbie! I’ll be looking forward to your entries, no matter what they entail.


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