Looking Back

I am in the process of editing my past posts on this blog.  I want to be able to eventually refer prospective clients here and before I do that, man, have I got some work to do. I started posting in 2006, before I started taking advanced English classes and before I ever thought anyone would take the time to read my posts.  I was also anonymous at the time.  It was more of a personal journal for me. That has changed.  I am more open now, not so anonymous and slightly better at writing.  When I go back and read my oldest posts, I laugh, cry, and marvel.   Sometimes, I cringe.  I mean, did I not know what a semi colon was or a sentence fragment?  Geez…us.

In going back and editing, I am, in some ways, reliving those days, months and years.  It is difficult, but it also feels cathartic. When I read many of my posts, I now know the end of the story, so to speak, and some are, heartbreaking, while others have been amazing.

As I have been reading through my old posts, I’ve found myself wanting to write updates on past stories.  When I read posts like, “Friendship Follies,” Better Now Part 1,” and  “Counting the Cost,” I want to tell the end of the story, or at least the continuation of it.  So, even though I had planned to move away from the whole ExChristian thing, perhaps I will do some updating and commenting on my archives along with other topics.  We’ll see how that goes.

One thing is for certain; I have changed considerably since I started blogging.  I’m stronger, sometimes kinder, sometimes angrier, sometimes more outspoken, sometimes wiser, but almost always true to myself.  That is something I was never able to be before and so all in all, I am grateful for it all.


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