Trust Yourself

I was new to Yoga.  I felt awkward and it was more than just the fact that I was not very flexible; I also felt as if I was involved in something evil.  Yoga had always been considered an unacceptable practice when I was a Christian.  It was considered “ungodly” and possible dangerous, but that is probably part of the reason is why I took the class.  I had very recently walked away from Christianity and was trying to expand my horizons—so to speak.  The more I attended, the more I loved it, but there was still that little Christian voice inside my head keeping me on guard and, I think, holding me back a little. As fate would have it though, I would learn a wonderful lesson.

Many times, since leaving Christianity, I have had a seemingly insignificant moment that ended up having a powerful impact on me.  A moment like that took place during one of my Yoga classes.   We were attempting a difficult pose and I was struggling; I couldn’t hold on to it. I tried over and over again, only to once again falter.  Then the yoga master said two simple words, simple to most, but to me they were pivotal:  Trust yourself,” she said softly.  I took the words in and possibly for the very first time in my life, without guilt, I trusted myself.  It was magical. I felt strong, balanced and confident.  I felt as if I could hold the pose forever.  I was amazed.  It was one of those moments–the kind I spoke of earlier. I can trust myself.  Epiphany!

As a Christian, I had been taught to trust only in God.   To trust myself, would have meant giving glory to myself instead of God and that was considered a sin and unacceptable.  It was one of my struggles as a Christian—one of my many secret “sins.”  In an effort to be a more “godly woman,” I spent many years learning not trust in myself.  That day, in Yoga class, I chose to let go of those constraints.  I trusted myself and it was so good.  I love the moments when I am able to take one of the many damaging, fundamentalist messages out of my head and let it fly, lightening my load and bringing me closer to mental health and freedom.

I realize that many Christians would say that they are mentally healthy and free, but how can that be?  How can people feel healthy and free when they are taught that trusting in themselves, following their instincts and using their thinking minds make them sinners and abhorrent to God?  The longer I am out of the Christian world, the more I see just how damaging some of the seemingly harmless teachings and messages are.  The more ex-Christians I come to know and the more I see their struggles, their wounds and their scars, the more I agree with the late Christopher Hitchens:  “God is not Great…religion poisons everything.”

Just recently my son was standing at the free throw line during a very close game.  As he stood their getting ready to shoot, I yelled, “You can do this. Trust yourself.” Swoosh!  All net baby!


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  1. juliesamazedulie
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 03:59:21

    SO excited to see a new post, Barb! Great affirmations of what I think in my head but never find the avenue to express, as usual. Thank you, thank you, thank you. While I have acquired many, many books on deconverstion, skepticism, and atheist issues, I often find them dry and uninteresting to sit and read through. Your blog is always full of great insights and so enjoyable to read. Still hoping and waiting to hear when the book will be published . . .


  2. notabarbie
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 05:20:14

    No Julie, thank you–for reading and commenting. Sometimes I feel like it’s time for a book and then I sit down to post on my blog and it’s such a struggle. Write…re-write…think, think and over-think…I can’t imagine what writing a book would be like. One never knows though :o)


  3. ... Zoe ~
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 06:19:52

    Oh gosh this brings back memories. I too, as a Christian took Yoga. With my pain issues, it truly was difficult but the woman who taught the class couldn’t get over my excellent deep breathing. The poses were difficult but the breathing was right on. 🙂 Well at least I could do something. :mrgreen:

    But, back to Yoga being evil. Yup, we were told the same thing. I taught a women’s fitness seminar at church one weekend, doing a class on dance aerobics and later that week the gossip caught up to me and I found out some ladies were talking about moving their bodies like that to the music, which was all Christian, was sinful. I was horrified and I let them get to me. I never did it again. 😦

    I live in this weird space of agreeing with Hitchens about the poison but also seeing that for some people it works or so it seems.

    Like Julie, I love to see another post from you.

    Swoosh! Love it!


    • notabarbie
      Apr 02, 2012 @ 21:53:55

      Zoe! I feel like such a loser for not responding sooner. Thank you! I really need to be more up on my blog. I’m seriously considering a career in freelance writing and so, 1) I need to broaden my horizons on this blog, or start a new one, 2) Write on my blog daily, and most importantly, 3) RESPOND TO MY ENCOURAGING FRIENDS!!! More about the freelance business later… Did you get my last email? How are you?


  4. Jeff
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 07:28:00

    Wonderfu story!


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