Are you (Brain) Washed in the Blood?

My recent Facebook experience has truly been an eye opener.  I think the most interesting part has been how Christians, when faced with rational thought and strong evidence against the validity of Christianity, sort of shut down mentally.  It’s kind of like their eyes go blank and they say in a robot-like, monotone voice, “This does not compute.”  Even some of my more intelligent Christian friends, can’t get beyond a certain point.  I will just start to think that they may be tracking logically and then they begin regurgitating what they have been taught, some most of their lives, all over again–one step forward, two steps back.  It’s as if they can’t break through the barrier between faith and reason.

I used to say, tongue in cheek, that I once was a brain washed Christian—now I think there may be something to that.  When you think about it, as a practicing Christian, you are hearing the same stuff week after week, and if you are a fundamentalist, a few times per week; you are hearing the Christian dogma, singing the Christian dogma and when you aren’t in Church, you are supposed to be reading the Christian dogma, praying to the Christian God and discussing it with others who believe the Christian dogma.  When you aren’t getting brainwashed by your pastor or others, you are self brainwashing—it’s perfect.  I think that’s why my Christian friends don’t even see how blind they are.  I mean, how does one know when they are brainwashed?  They can’t know.  That’s what brainwashing is all about, isn’t it? Looking back, I truly believed I was a thinking Christian and I was to a certain extent, but when I got a little too close to the edge, I would stop myself and I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. When I read what Christians say on my Facebook wall, when faced with hard facts, it’s like seeing myself a few years ago.  It’s a bit creepy and with my recent Facebook discussion going on—frustrating as well.


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  1. Zoe
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 20:59:01

    I once had a Christian therapist tell me that what had happened to us in one church was like brainwashing. I thought that was ironic.

    Any system that shuts down the inquiring mind for any reason in my opinion is a closed-system…and the chances of being abused in such a system is 100%. So, if we respond by closing our minds down, then someone (the system we are in) is now in a position to literally brainwash us.

    I’m glad my brain never gave up the questioning even though I was sick and tired and ready to just lay down and die rather than fight back. It was so exhausting and all around me I could see the people walking around as though they were dead.

    They came to Christ to be washed in the blood, to be clothed in the righteousness of Christ and then slowly, the bully (Christianity) wore them down. You had two choices, lay down and be bullied and become a fellow bully yourself, or walk out. You know what we did. 🙂


  2. notabarbie
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 23:50:47

    Great comment! One thing you said that really caught me: “You had two choices, lay down and be bullied and become a fellow bully yourself…” I had never thought about the, becoming a bully yourself, concept. I think I did that at times…ouch! Glad I finally got out and became a nicer person for it. I’m happy you did too. 🙂


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