I’m Baaaaack!

Good morning one and all, probably most likely just the one.  Anyway, I am now done with a grueling semester and a rough year all around, and am looking forward to writing.  As I look back on my blogs, I find myself thinking, “Wow! Things have really changed.”  When I read, “Better now, part 1,”I get tears in my eyes thinking about how I felt then. It’s almost as if it was a different person—a weak and frightened person.   I remember telling someone that I just wanted to get through all this and be on the other side and be able to say, “Now that was a wild ride!”  I believe that I can now say that. Of course, knowing me there will be many more wild rides ahead.  That’s just the way I roll. 

Although, I am planning on beginning a new blog, on a completely different subject, (which I believe is a good sign that I am moving on) my goal has always been to help those who are where I once was.  I’m all about paying if forward.  There were those who helped me and I want to do the same.  With that said, I will spend the next few weeks recounting what has happened in my life this past year.  For a quick recap:

  • Filed for divorce, which will be final in August 
  • Reconnected with a friend from my old fundie church and she was also in the process of deconverting.  An amazing story by the way.
  • Came out of the “deconversion closet,” completely.  Yes, that’s right—what a tale.
  • Have learned to be stronger than I ever thought I could be.
  • Was published!  In a real literary magazine and I don’t even fancy myself a poet. 🙂

That’s it for now.  My first blog will be entitled, “Hello, my name is Barbara and I’m an Apostate,” but as any writer knows, that is subject to change.  Stay tuned!


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