The sunrise greets the end to another sleepless night.

Closing my eyes, thoughts and memories claw at me,

Like relentless tormentors, reminding me of the loss.

All that remains are tatters

Tatters of what once was:

The golden walls of our room,

the sweet soft security of our bed,

your voice whispering good night,

the mirror where we brushed our teeth,

and hung notes expressing our love,

the way it felt to make love on the beach,

the joy of bringing new life into the world,

The way I trusted you completely.

Saturday morning pancakes,

and how the kids loved the way you made them,

the old red leash for the dog

our early morning walks,

the hot tub where we drank and laughed deep into the night,

the way you touched me when we were alone,

Thanksgiving and Christmas, laughter, and loving,

The way I felt you slipping away.

The annual Christmas party

the perfect black dress I wore

when I found out about the lie.

The elegant marble floor where I knelt sick from the truth

Driving home in the pouring rain

The way the house looked as we pulled into the drive

The diamond ring I stripped off my finger,

The way it felt to say good-bye.


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