Blackened coal

A sinner’s soul

Bought with a price

Bloody sacrifice

Hindered hearts

Religions darts

Fulfilled desire

Eternal fire


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. steph
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 23:13:02

    i really like this.


  2. paulmct
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 05:19:38

    Good little poem.


  3. notabarbie
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 06:49:56

    Thank you. I had never written a poem before and I just wrote what came into my head…I kind of like it too. There a lot of feelings between those short little lines. I guess that’s true of all poetry.


  4. Lady through the Looking Glass
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 04:52:35

    Hi, found your blog on the deconversion site and have thoroughly enjoyed your honesty and humour. While reading, I marvelled at how much I could identify with your feelings. Not the experiences though, because I’ve just started questioning Christianity and my faith, and have hit neutral. Presently, Deism resonates with me, and I find myself leaning more and more in that direction. I’m not sure where my journey will lead, if I will completely walk away from Christianity as a belief system or hold on to the good parts of it. It’s hard to say now, because everything feels rather messy and complicated. But I’m so glad I’m asking questions now and starting to THINK for myself. Will definitely be back here for more of your journey.

    Love the depth of your poem.


  5. notabarbie
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 07:39:10

    Hi Lady through the Looking Glass! Just visited your blog and I love it–great writing and very insightful. Thanks for reading me and commenting. I added you to my blogroll. I hope that’s okay.


  6. Lady through the Looking Glass
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 21:55:36

    Of course it’s okay, and I’ll do the same. I realise I’m going to need to make many new friends along this new journey. Thanks for the compliments.


  7. Zoe
    May 02, 2008 @ 06:56:20

    Thinking of you. Hope all is well. (((Hugs too))) Moved my blog, again.


  8. Lady through the Looking Glass
    May 06, 2008 @ 02:57:02

    Hey, just checking in to find out if you’re okay. Hope you’ll be back soon, or at least when you’re ready.


  9. Zoe
    May 06, 2008 @ 06:35:56

    Hi Lady,

    I don’t think Notabarbie won’t mind me saying that she’s okay. I’ve been in contact with her. 🙂


  10. Lady through the Looking Glass
    May 15, 2008 @ 03:51:31

    Great! Thanks. 🙂


  11. notabarbie
    May 29, 2008 @ 22:23:17

    Hi! I’m baaaaack….Gott sei Dank (that’s thank goodness in German) Finals are over and I’m hoping to write, write and write some more while I’m on my break…we will see. Thanks for thinking of me….


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